9+ Toys That will Remind you of Your Childhood in México

In the modern world full of technology it is difficult to imagine that we ever played with toys made of wood or that we sat for hours playing board games.

Many experts talk about the importance of restricting the time our children spend in front of the television. But did you know that taking our kids away from technology and instead offering them toys that don’t use batteries helps develop their imaginaciones?

Giving our children 100% Mexican handmade toys not only helps them learn about Mexican cultura, it also helps them to be smarter every day.

Here is a list of the most famous toys from our childhood that we could share with our children:


This game is not only fun, but it can also help your children learn new Spanish words. You are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained for hours. Did someone say El Borracho?

Wooden Boxeadores

Source: Wikimedia

The boxers game is perfect for people who want to challenge their speed. Children who like video games or challenges may find this game fascinating. The fastest fingers will be the ones that take the gold belt.

Muñecas de Trapo

Rag dolls are a national craft that are not as appreciated as they should be. Each doll is different because they are all completely handmade. This could be a beautiful gift for an expectant mom or as a last doll gift for a quinceañera.


Maybe you have ever been frustrated by “losing everything” with this game, but maybe you have also been the lucky one to “ganar todo“. With this game we can expand our imagination and invent new ways to use the pirinola in housework, activities, exercises, etc. Each family can have their own way of playing pirinola and create new traditions that mark the childhood of your children.  

The Tablitas Mágicas

Something that seems like a thing of magic are the famous little boards, the way they change position impacts many and it is incredible to know that Mexican artisans are the creators of this fantastic game.

The Balero

Balero is one of the most challenging games of all, in addition to the fact that it is almost impossible to put the bearing in place on the first try, you should also be careful not to end up with a black eye. Despite all these challenges, you can spend several hours enjoying this game.

The Trompo

Something new that you can teach your children is the “picotazos“. This game is the favorite of many, you can practice for hours to perfect the art of the top and you can also play with several people to see who is the one who can keep their top spinning until the end.  


The domino is not 100% Mexican, as it is believed that it was actually created in China. However, our Mexican artisans can create beautiful wooden games that you can use at family gatherings to entertain your guests.

Luchador mask

There are many children who like to play Make-Believe or dress up to look like their favorite character. Whether it’s for Halloween or just to pretend to be a Mexican wrestler, luchador masks are ideal for kids with big imaginations.

Bonus: Chavo del 8

Ok, this is not precisely a toy from childhood, but definitely the El Chavo character is, and anything that reminds us of that great TV show is something we want. These dolls are more of a collectible that you can keep to remind you of the good ol’ Chavito.

These are not even half of the things that Mexican hands can create, there are cars, guitars, noisemakers, carousels, trucks, yo-yos and much more. You don’t need a shopping center to find the perfect toy for your children, the next time you have the opportunity to visit Mexico, maybe it would be a good idea to walk through the streets full of handicrafts and support the artisans who need our support so much.

“Remember that what is done in Mexico is well done”