Things Only Mexicans do at Parties

They say that you can get the bear out of Russia, but you can’t get Russia out of the bear. The same applies to Mexicans, and it is that no matter what part of the world we move to, Mexico is always in our corazones.

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Many times our Mexicanidad stands out at parties, since there are certain customs that we cannot avoid following when we are invited to celebrate someone’s birthday or when we have to organize a party.

So, what are these customs?

The Mordida

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One of the moments that we fear the most as Mexicans when it comes to singing las mañanitas, is the mordida. Many people would see these as unsanitary, but as Mexicans we like to see the birthday boy smeared with cake all over his face.

This tradition has been the cause of the destruction of many cakes, as well as accidents. However, it has been a part of our culture for so long that we cannot imagine a birthday party without the famous bite.

Being late

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There is something that we definitely do not like as Mexicans, and that is being the first to arrive at the parties. Arriving at an event and seeing empty tables is torture and many of us choose to arrive later than indicated to make our grand entrance.

This causes all party plans to move to an hour later. However, in some way or another the party follows its own ritmo and everyone has a good time.

Los Padrinos

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In the United States the idea of ​​the godparents is that they take care of the godchildren in case something happens to the parents. That is why godparents are often very close to the children’s parents.

In Mexico, however, the idea of ​​godparents has gradually been modeled on that of them supporting parents so that a big party is possible. Or for someone to gift the class ring to new professionals. The joke is that in Mexico, being a godfather is someone who has to contribute in some way to an important event in the life of a family, which has created godparents for even napkins, alcohol, clothing, music, etc.

Party until you drop from exhaustion

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How many times have we not gone to an American party that only lasts 2 hours and leaves us wanting more. Meanwhile, in Mexico many times it is not specified what time a party is going to end, therefore, parties in Mexico are like marathons – only the strongest can endure.

Mexicans are always prepared to look their best and be at a party until their feet are about to burst.

Be loud

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Loud music is a must at Mexican parties, whether the uncle plays his cumbiones or the neighborhood DJ plays the trendy songs, there is always music at parties.

Not everyone may dance at parties or even no one dances, but the music should always be present.

Table games

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Not everything is dance at a Mexican party, Mexicans also like to take a break from the “vida loca” and on those occasions sitting down to play lottery, dominoes or another card game is very common. It all depends on what type of party you are attending, it could be a carne asada afternoon or Christmas dinner where many like to stay up until dawn.

Kids gone wild

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Parties where children are not allowed are not very common in Mexico, many times we have to see children running around the party room and screaming so loud that it is difficult to hear the music in the background.

Even so, many do not mind that children are present, as this is a way to introduce them to the Mexican culture.

The little “recuerditos”

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The fight for the party souvenirs is a serious thing that not many people from another country would understand. There are many things that Mexicans do to make it clear who owns the souvenir when the parties are over, either being the first to sit at the table because this automatically makes us owners of the souvenir or placing it so close to us so that everyone know that this memory belongs to us. There is no established law about souvenirs, but we all know that no one fights over the souvenir with the tia, as you could end up losing an arm.

These are just a few of the things that Mexicans expect to see when we attend a party. Of course we adapt to the customs of other countries, but there is nothing like being among the people who understand us when we want to listen to Vicente Fernández after having a few drinks on top.

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Let Mexicanidad flow through our veins and this Hispanic Heritage Month let us share our customs with others.

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