Not Everything That’s Said of the Migrante Mexicano is True

Did you know that there are approximately 11,793,976 Mexicanos throughout the American continent, 103,814 Mexicans in Europe and 11,180 Mexicans in Asia. Even so, for some reason, the stereotype of the Mexican has been painted to the image that his only objective is to cross the border of the United States to invade that nation.

Now more than ever the cries of contempt towards Mexicans are heard, either because people think that the majority of Mexicans live illegally in the United States or because they think that, although they live legally in this country, they live for free thanks to government programs.

But what is true of all this?


The reason why there is a large Mexican population in the southern United States is not because we Mexicans are invading this country, but because a large part of this population was already on this side of the border, since several southern states used to be part of the Mexican territory.

“Mexico, after the independence battle that freed us from the Spanish empire, was in economic crisis, confusion and fear. Whereas the United States was a country with a flourishing economy. The US invasion of Mexico did not happen overnight, it all started from 1809, and finally after the battle between the United States and Mexico, on February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, by which Mexico “Sold” half of its territory to the United States. “

Mexicans have not arrived in masses or in caravans to take the US territory, they have already been here for many years.


The myth that all immigrants live off the government is just a way to discredit immigrants who work hard, in addition to suffering from abuse at work, since they are not offered a fair payment, nor do they enjoy the benefits that they should have as contributors to the economy of this country.

“Every tax season, millions of undocumented immigrants file their taxes with the federal government, even though they could easily avoid it and not do it.

Unauthorized immigrant workers and their employers contributed $ 13 billion in payroll taxes in 2010. “

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Either because they hope to one day become American citizens and want to present all their papers in order or because they are simply honest people who do not want to abuse the country that has provided them a home. Many Mexican immigrants comply with the law, even after having crossed the border illegally.

If we were to ask the reasons why several of these Mexicans decided to emigrate to the United States, we would have a wide variety of answers. The world is not only black and white, in addition to crossing the border illegally is not a serious crime and in some occasions a pardon can be obtained , in such a way that Mexicans should not be classified as abusers and criminals.  

If you need more information on how to obtain a pardon, click on this link:

Although there are those who live illegally in the United States, they make sure they do not commit another crime, comply with paying taxes, live honestly, and avoid asking for government help. These are model citizens, who appreciate the opportunity to live in the United States.

Should all unauthorized immigrants be deported in the same way?

Unfortunately, the righteous pay for sinners. And people who have committed crimes or who abuse the government system have given all immigrants a bad name. However, each person should have the right to present their case before a jury to determine how much they have contributed to this country, instead of being deported without being able to have a proper trial.

As human beings we should all be treated with dignity and respect. Especially if the only reason to live in this country is to seek a better life. Let’s not lose humanity and look at these situations with compassion. Mexicans are luchadores and we just need one opportunity to show everyone that we are capable of contributing great things to this country in the same way as any American citizen.

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