5 Characters from “El Loco” Valdés that We Will Never Forget

Last year, we lost a great one of Mexican comedy – Manuel “El loco” Valdés. And, even though the comedian had not been working on a large television project for several years, he continued to be an important reference point for comedy in Mexico.

A member of a truly unique family of the Mexican artistic environment. His brothers Germán Valdés “TinTan” and Ramón Valdés, are widely recognized not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America and more.

Although it is sad that he’s no longer with us, surely “El Loco” Valdés would prefer that we remembered him fondly and, as always, making us laugh. Therefore, here we recompile 5 of the characters that Manuel Valdés made immortal.


One of the reference films of El Loco Valdés is, without a doubt, Dos Fantasmas y Una Muchacha, where he plays Francois de Lavalier, Germán Pérez’s staunch enemy, played by his brother Germán Valdés “TinTan”.


Another of the duos that made history with Manuel Valdés was the one he did with Hector Lechuga, with the Hermanitas Mibanco. How can we forget the famous “pellizquito de pulguita, por mentirosita!”?


It was surely not his best movie, but it was one that those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s saw on television more than once and recognized the voice of the famous actor.


In a story similar to that of Dos Fantasmas y Una Muchacha, El Loco Valdés joins his brother TinTan again and now accompanying two other referents of the Mexican comedy: Antonio Espino ‘Clavillazo’ and Adalberto Martínez ‘Resortes’. Without comparing to the previous one, a classic without a doubt.


Without a doubt, his best character is the one he played all his life, on and off the screen: El Loco. An unparalleled character, whether in cinema, on TV or even in soccer, he made us spend unforgettable moments that many Mexicans carry in our hearts.

Goodbye, Don Manuel.

What other memories do you have of Don Manuel “El Loco” Valdés? Tell us in the comments below.

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